Science Matters

Sense of Wonder

Guest post from NNC docent, John Cosgrove, in response to see the World of Wonder Science on a Sphere program Sense of Wonder Some thoughts upon returning home after watching Jeff’s “World of Wonder” Science on a Sphere show.  There seem to be two types of wonder. There is the wondering that drives investigation. What... Read More

Seeking Stars

This post was written by guest blogger, Lauren Fosbenner, Community Fellow in the Environmental Policy Design Master’s program at Lehigh University. Summer is a great time to gather outside with friends and family seeking stars. One way to explore far-off reaches of the galaxy without much special knowledge or equipment is to stargaze. Here are... Read More

Connecting to Earth Science

Do you feel connected to the Earth? Do you think you can affect global systems through your local actions? Nurture Nature Center is currently halfway through a two-year NASA funded grant project, entitled “6 Degrees of Influence – Understanding the Interconnectedness of Earth Systems,” intended to educate middle school students about Earth systems and inspire... Read More