Urban Gardening

In Praise of Goldenrod

Originally published in the Easton Irregular — Autumn is approaching, and so my thoughts turn to goldenrod. Companion to milkweed and ragweed, it colors our fields with late season yellow, each stem containing a multitude of tiny nectar-filled flowers, which fluff into seeds that attract a long list of birds. A field full of goldenrod... Read More

Winter: A Gardener’s Gift

See Spring Garden Workshops at NNC here! Originally published in the Easton Irregular Dormancy is a gift. As temperate zone gardeners, we get the chance to step away from the sometimes frustrating task of trying to coerce nature into doing our bidding … and simply enjoy. Our garden plants rest when the daylight hours shorten... Read More

Let’s Talk About Weeds

Originally published in the Easton Irregular I overheard a conversation a couple of weeks ago. “It’s never been this bad. I need a machete to clear the weeds. I’m feeling defeated. It’s more work than fun!” grumbled one gardener. “That’s exactly how I feel about my garden this year. I just could not keep up... Read More

Back Alley Makeover Magic

“Start with the soil!” is accepted, time-honored garden wisdom. But … what if you don’t? What if you just accept the dirt you are given and make it work for you—without adding compost or fertilizer, without increasing the Nitrogen content or upping the percent of Organic Matter? And what if that dirt happens to be... Read More

Gift Ideas for Today’s Gardener

Written for Home Garden Seed Association www.ezfromseed.org Even lifelong gardeners are constantly discovering books, tools, and experiences that will make the job easier, richer, and more rewarding. Here are ideas for holiday—or anytime—gift giving. Books to hold in your hands. Some reading is best done the old-fashioned way, on the page. Here are a few... Read More