Lemurine Night Monkey (Aotus lemurinus)

night monkey, Genus Aotus, photo by Mike Wilson

Night monkeys

photo by Mike Wilson

Common name Lemurine night monkey


A taxon is Vulnerable when it is not Critically Endangered or Endangered but is facing a high risk of extinction in the wild in the medium-term future, as defined by any of the following criteria: 

Extent of occurrence estimated to be less than 20,000 km2 or area of occupancy estimated to be less than 2000 km2, and estimates indicating any two of the following:

  • Severely fragmented or known to exist at no more than ten locations.

  • Continuing decline, inferred, observed or projected, in any of the following:

    • area, extent and/or quality of habitat

Distribution Colombia, Costa Rica, Panama
Major Habitat/s Forest - Subtropical/Tropical Dry, Forest - Subtropical/Tropical Moist
Major Threat/s Harvesting (hunting/gathering) - Cultural/scientific/leisure activities (ongoing)

Citation: IUCN 2002. 2002 IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. Downloaded on 13 November 2002.

The Influence of Land-Use History on the Habitat Preferences of the Night Monkey (Aotus lemurinus) on Isla Tigre, Panama (PDF File)